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About Us

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Charles L Green,
CEO & Founder of Main Source Lending LLC

Hey future millionaire welcome to my website, Quick back story about myself.  My name is Charles Green I'm from the Pocono Mountains Pennsylvania I'v been married for 23 years to my wonder wife Niceidy, Our biggest accomplishments in life I got to say is raising our 3 amazing children. What brings us extreme joy is both of our sons getting full scholarship to Penn State University for their academic achievements allowing them both to get the full ride in engineering, "All praises to God"  My oldest son Charles graduated last year in computer science and my son Andre he'll be graduating in 2023 as a electrical engineer, 2 more years for my daughter Niceidy she’s next to go to college.    
Let's go back to the beginning of my journey after high school in 1984 I join the US Army serving 3 years active duty, After the military I landed my job at UPS where I worked for over 32 years as a Tractor Trailer driver retiring at 55 years of age.
I always been a go getter with side hustles the entire time on the clock at UPS. From Real Estate Investments, E-Bay Sells, Loan Origination, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing to a license Realtor.
My Real Estate investments started back in 1990 when I was 24 years old after I purchase my first 3 family home thanks to the "Carlton Sheets" course, That course gave me the idea that you can purchase a home with no money down cash back a closing using creative financing techniques, Two years later I had a total of 7 multi family investment property purchasing them all in the same manner,  I got to say it wasn’t a easy experience because after 7 years of managing those properties I had to let them all go do to financial reasons resulting in bankruptcy but I wouldn’t change anything about that learning experience . That was 25 years ago and I wish I had the options
we all have these days with the "unsecured business lines of credit"  Did you know you can get as much as $50k - $100k + at 0% interest in 72 hours, If I had this option back then I wouldn’t had ended up in bankruptcy because I would of had the capital that I needed in those emergency situation, But you can't wait until your personal credit is shot to shit then try to qualify for this, You need at less a 700 FICO.
I share that part of my story to say this, Never give up. It wasn’t even a couple of years later after that bankruptcy I got into the house flipping side of the real estate game buying homes at wholesale and selling them at market and that wouldn’t had never happened over 6 times already if I would had giving up.

Falling down is a part of life
Getting Back up is a part of living
The Time Is Now You Got This,
Keep Moving Forward!           

Note: The money mentioned in my video was for example purpose only. You will only receive from our lending partners what YOU qualify for If you qualify at all, A 700 FICO or higher is needed for the business lines of credit cards mention in my video.
Just Click on the link to find out more. You Got This!!

You Can Text Me @ 570-350-5339 


 Options From Over 75 Lenders 

Entrepreneurs work with us to help them secure startup capital, growth capital, & working capital to
help them grow their business faster, run it more efficiently & obtain more peace of mind because
money is no longer a concern.

We are actively working with business owners from all types of industries to help propel their
business to the next level. We are truly that one-stop funding source for all business funding needs.

Our products include:
  • Personal Term Loans
  • Business Term Loans
  • Start Up Loans
  • Personal/Business Lines of Credit

Our programs are structured to fund FAST and give you the maximum amount of funding that will allow you to do things such as:
  • Grow and Expand your business
  • Meet Payroll
  • Renovate your location
  • Purchase inventory
  • Obtain new equipment
  • Run a marketing campaign and so much more!

We strive to earn your business and we pride ourselves on providing world-class service once we have your business!
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Our mission

At Main Source Lending we provide Start-Up Capital and Term Loans for new and existing small business owners in America, Our primary goal is providing guidance and being a consultant for our clients.

Our streamlined processes and strong relationships with (lending partners) allow us to process transactions each month resulting in funding small businesses nationwide.

Our vision

To help business owners generate perpetual opportunities
through simple business financing.

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Office Hours

Monday - Saturday
8:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. (EST)Closed on Sunday
Phone (888) 538-1443

1349 Lynn Avenue STE 225

Bethlehem, PA 18015


Check your eligibility & apply in minutes

Our streamlined process makes it easy to discover the right financing options for your
business at no cost or obligation, with no effect on your personal credit score.


Your dedicated Account Manager will get in touch

Once you’ve uploaded your documents, your Account Manager will reach out directly to
discuss your financing needs and funding options.


Get approved and get funded!

Once you’re approved for and accept our offer, we’ll finalize the processing of your loan and
deposit the money directly into your bank account.

------- Solving Problems And Helping People --------
"We Are A Lead Generation & Consultant Company"
The operator of this website is NOT a lender, does not make offers for loans, and does not broker online loans to lenders or lending partners. Customers who arrive at are paired with a lender or a lending partner, and redirected only to lenders or lending partners who offer business loan products.

Start your application & secure the funds your business needs today!

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